Abstract # P130 Fugo Blade Created Corneal Pits to Drain Water Logged/Decompensated Cornea

Singh, Daljit
Daljit Singh Eye Hospital
Amritsar, PB, India

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About the Presenter:
Practising ophthalmology since 1957. Prof.emeritus,Medical
College,Amritsar,india. Using iris claw lens since 1979,
keratoprosthesis 1980,pediataric cataract 1980,ECCE high myopia
1980,phakic iris claw lens 1987,PRK high myopia 1992,Fugo blade
capsulotomy, 1999, Fugo blade Trans-ciliary Filtration 2000,Defining lymphatics
2000, Corneal pits with Fugo blade 2004.
Contact the presenter at: daljits1@mac.com

Daljit S. Singh, MD

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