Abstract # P96 Hymenoptera Stings and Rare Ocular Injuries

Gangopadhyay, Nibaran
Flt HIG-A 4/6/22 Phase 1
Kolkata, India

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About the Presenter:

Dr Gangopadhyay did his basic training from Kolkata and then did his fellowship in Cornea from LV Prasad Eye Institute and From RVEEH, Melbourne, Australia . He worked as a Staff Ophthalmologist in ORBIS International and on behalf of ORBIS International the flying eye hospital he worked in countries like Armenia, Bangladesh, China, Cuba, El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, Kyrgistan, Macau, Mangolia, Singapore, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad, Uzbekistan as field ophthalmologist and visited Egypt, France, Turkey, UK, USA as program coordinator.
He worked as a faculty in LVPrasad EyeInstitute for 4 years. He was designated researcher in Study of ACIOL versus PCIOL Implantation in S.E.Asia. in L.V.Prasad Eye Institute, India, Pterygium Study,Dept.of Cornea, RVEEH, University of Melbourne, Australia and Alcon, USA (FDA approved) and in Contact Lens (extended wear) Studies in Prof Brien A Holden Contact Lens Research Center, LVPEI, India and CCLRU, Sydney, Australia. His area of interest is corneal ulcer and congenital cataract. Few of the important articles are following-

Fluoroquinolone and Fortified Antibiotics for the Treatment of Bacterial Corneal Ulcers.
Presented as a free paper in OMAIG - 33rd Annual Meeting - Oct 1999, Orlando, Florida, USA
Nibaran Gangopadhyay, Mark Daniell, Letin Weih, H.R Taylor. BJO April 2000, 4:P378-384.

Clinico-Microbiological Correlation of Suture-Related Graft Infection following PK
Abhijit Sonavane, Savitri Sharma, Nibaran Gangopadhyay, Aashish K Bansal,
Am J Ophthalmol 135; 1: 89-91
Penetrating keratoplasty in CHED.
Gangopadhyay N, Dora J, Bansal AK.
Presented as poster at American Academy of Ophthalmology, Anaheim, USA, 2003
Multiplex polymerase Chain Reaction for the Detection of Herpes Simplex Virus, Varicella Zoster Virus and Cytomegalo Virus in Ocular Specimens.
Chichili GR, Sreedharan A, Gangopadhyaya N, et al. Current Eye Research 2003; 27:85-90

HSV-1 Associated Congenital Cataract
Hari R, Subhan S, Gangopadhyay N, Jose RJ, Bhende J, Sharma S.
Am J Ophthalmol ,April
HSV-1 Associated Congenital Cataract - Best Paper Gold Medal
Hari R, Subhan S, Gangopadhyay N, Jose RJ, Bhende J, Sharma S.
Presented at Andhra Pradesh Chapter, IAMM Conference, 2003
Limbal Dermoids. Clinical Presentation and Management
Gangopadhyay N, Moda E, Honavar S.
Presented at International Conference of Ocular Oncology, Hyderabad, 2004
Giant Epibulbar Dermoid - How far can we go?
Gangopadhyay N, Moda E, Naik M.
Presented at International Conference of Ocular Oncology, Hyderabad, 2004
Graft Rejection in Children.
Gangopadhyay N, Moda E, Sangwan VS.
Presented at International Uvea Meeting, Chandigarh, 2004.

Viral Etiology of Congenital Cataract in Southern India
Gangopadhyay N, Hari R, Subhan S, Jose RJ, Bhende J, Sharma S.
Presented at ESCRS, Paris, 2004

Presentatation at ESCRS, Paris, 2004
Graft Rejection in Children
Clinico-Microbiological Correlation of Graft Infections in Children
HSV Keratitis in Children
Acne Rosacea - Is it Common or Commonly Overlooked?

International Awards
Best Video Awards at ESCRS/Alcon Video Competition, Paris, 2004
HSV Keratitis in Children: An Introduction to Different Clinical Presentations- 2nd Place
Lamellar Keratoplasty in Limbal Dermoid- 1st place
Best Video award at ASCRS /Alcon video competition,Washington DC,USA
Management of Posterior Lenticonus with Cataract. -1st place
Acne Rosacea: Is it Common or Commonly Overlooked in Asia?-1st place
Giant Epibulbar Dermoid in Newborns: How far can we go?-1st place

Video Chapter International
Management of Posterior Lenticonus with Cataract
Invited for publication in the Video Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, USA, October 2004
Book Chapter
Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
Chatterjee S, Gangopadhyay N., Chapter in Modern Ophthalmology, Ed L C Dutta, Jaypee (in press)
Special Interests : Pediatric cataract & PK, Infectious keratitis, ,Refractive surgery,CL

Contact : Flat HIG A/ 4/6/22, Calcutta Greens Survey Park, Kolkata 700075
Tel: 0091-33-24167529,Mobile: 0091-9830805141,Email: drnibaran@yahoo.com

Contact the presenter at: drnibaran@yahoo.com

Nibaran Gangopadhyay, MD
Samrat Chatterjee, MS

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