Abstract # P158 Sutureless Trabeculectomy

Shroff, Ashok Kumar
Shroff Eye Hospital
Navsari Gujrat, India

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About the Presenter:
Dr. Ashok P. Shroff, MD
Private practice - solo, more than 25 years
Intrest - General Ophthalmology
Special intrest - Cataract, Retina-vitreous
Innovations - Phacoemulsification with intracameral cold light, Special techniques for 4-point scleral fixated IOl, comprehensive management for dropped nucleus / dropped IOL, Contrast sensitivity
Contact the presenter at: sehnavsari@yahoo.co.in

Ashok Kumar P. Shroff, MD
Dishita H. Shroff, MD, Hardik A. Shroff, MD

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