Abstract # P205 Management of Highly Abberated Post-Keratoplasty and Post-RK Corneas Using Corneal Wavefront on the Schwind Laser System

Mehta, Cyres
Mehta International Eye Inst
Mumbai, India

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About the Presenter:
Director of the Mehta International Eye Institute and Supervision LASIK Center,Mumbai ,India
High Volume Phaco and LASIKsurgeon
One of the Pioneers of Deep Sclerectomy in India
Journal Editor of the Intraocular Implant Refractive Society ,India .
Editor of the journal of the Contact Lens Society of India
Indian Medical Editor ,Eurotimes.
Gold medal awardeeof the Intraocular Implant Refractive Society ,India .
Awarded outstanding young Indian for 2005 by Deputy Chief Minister of the State
Coauthor 0f 7 International textbooks of LASIK Phaco and Glaucoma

Contact the presenter at: cyresmehta@yahoo.com

Cyres Mehta, MD
Keiki R. Mehta, MD

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management of highly abberated PK and RK eyes with Cor-wave Lasik:

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