Abstract # P181 Epithelial Ingrowth Treatment After LASIK

Cigales, Melania
Instituto Oftalmologico Hoyos
Sabadell, Spain

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About the Presenter:
Ophthalmologist at the Instituto Oftalmologico Hoyos in Barcelona (Spain), working in anterior segment.
Author of the Cigales-Hoyos Bitoric Rule for the correction of mixed astigmatism using both cylinders (ARVO annual meeting, Fort Lauderdale - USA, 2000).
Best Refractive Poster at the ASCRS meeting in San Diego (USA) in 2001, with the work Surgical Treatment of Flap Folds After LASIK.
Author of papers and contributed to books on refractive surgery both in English and Spanish.
Editor of the book Step by Step Astigmatic Ablation (Jaypee, New Delhi-India, 2006).
Participant in national and international meetings and courses including several presentations on LASIK and refractive surgery.
Member of European and American ophthalmology societies.

Contact the presenter at: mcigales@teleline.es

Melania Cigales, MD
Jairo E. Hoyos, MD, PhD, Jairo Hoyos-Chacon, MD

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