Poster # P91 Donor Tissue Adherence Following Descemet's Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty

Presenter: Chau, Felix

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Results: DSEK Successes - Complete Attachments:

Results: PK vs DSEK:

Results: Post-operative Air in AC Pressing Donor to Recipient:

Results: Complete Dislocations:

Results: Complete Dislocation from Trauma:

Results: Complete Donor Dislocation & Replacment:

Results: Risk Factors for Dislocation - Positive Findings:

Results: Risk Factors for Dislocation - Negative Findings:

Results: Strategies for Improving Adherence:

Results: Improving Adherence - Trimming Thick Donor Edge:

Discussion of Risk Factors and Strategies for Adherence:

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